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points: '209.5,136.625:370.5,132.625:442.5,141.625'
color: white

- type: arcbarrow

points: '464.5,154.625:471.5,175.625:462.5,190.625'
color: white

- type: arrow

points: '152.5,127.625:280.5,192.625'
color: white

- type: rect

points: '175.5,251.625:310.5,319.625'

- type: arrow

points: '312.5,286.625:459.5,288.625'

- type: rect

points: '474.5,259.625:613.5,327.625'

- type: darrow

points: '618.5,298.625:719.5,432.625'

- type: text

points: '252.5,279.625'
text: hola fer

- type: text

points: '481.5,295.625'
text: hola mijo hotmail
link: ''


SketchCanvas test

Some more test

It's very handy to have sketches like this:

Something like sequence diagram:

Sketches with Hyperlinked texts

You can associate hyperlinks to the texts in the sketches.


Path tool is a versatile tool for sketching complex lines.

  • Path can be collection of line segments or curved splines.
  • Path can have arrowheads on one or both ends.

Sample 123


JavaScript inheritance

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